East Bay Area, CA Open Day

Sat, Oct 19, 2024

Tickets for this Open Day will be available on Thursday, August 1.

Berkeley Pollinator Playground is also hosting a Digging Deeper on this date: Find Your Home in Nature

  • Zumba Gardens
    Zumba Gardens
    • Oakland, Alameda County, CA, 94605

    Step into Zumba Gardens and leave the city behind. This is a garden to immerse yourself in and enjoy.

  • Meadow's Edge
    Meadow's Edge
    • Oakland, San Francisco County, CA, 94611

    Welcome to Meadow's Edge, a hidden gem boasting a unique redwood understory habitat...

  • Oakland Cramscape
    Oakland Cramscape
    • Oakland, Alameda County, CA, 94605

    Our garden started as a barren plot of concrete and hardpan clay in 2017, and our mission has been to create a feeling of oasis in an urban setting...

  • Marcia's Garden
    Marcia's Garden
    • Berkeley, Alameda County, CA, 94705-1826

    My small urban garden has, over the past 44 years, become mature-that is to say, way over my head. It is an oasis, and a California world of its and our own.

  • Berkeley Urban Oasis
    Berkeley Urban Oasis
    • Berkeley, San Francisco County, CA, 94709

    Welcome to the Berkeley Urban Oasis, where the cityscape seamlessly merges with a haven of tranquility...

  • Berkeley Pollinator Playground
    Berkeley Pollinator Playground
    • Berkeley, San Francisco County, CA, 94709

    Embark on an enchanting journey at the Berkeley Pollinator Playground, starting with a cobblestone permeable driveway that welcomes you with eco-friendly charm...