Preserving Outstanding Gardens

Preservation is the core of our mission to save and share outstanding American gardens for the education and inspiration of the public. Since 1989, we’ve helped more than 100 garden partners across the country with problems or challenges that are characteristic to new and emerging gardens. Provided in many ways and on many levels, our assistance is tailored to the specific goals and needs of each garden partner. In addition, we leverage these relationships by encouraging our partners to interact with each other through associations like the Garden Conservancy Northwest Network (GCNN). Our “gardens-helping-gardens” philosophy also helps inform the Conservancy's educational programs like Preservation Weekend.

Our Approach
Our preservation staff has a passion for gardens and the people who build them, inhabit them, and visit them. We have decades of combined experience in public horticulture, law, business, education, communications, public relations, and the creation of visitor experiences. Mix in a heavy dose of common sense, and we have a patented recipe for successful collaborations.

We forge partnerships with those that are selected for our network. We honor and supplement the skills and experience of a garden’s local team and work in tandem with them to find the creative catalyst for solutions to their unique and specific issues.

The Garden Conservancy's goal is to help our partners become independent, sustainable entities. When that goal is achieved, we take an advisory role: we are there when a garden needs us, but not in the way if and when they don't.
Our Preservation Work
Garden partners know how difficult it is to stay relevant and remain afloat. We don’t need to tell them. An objective approach, however, is often the best perspective for taking a critical look at a garden’s past, current status, and what’s needed to move forward.

The range of advice and assistance we provide is all-encompassing, addressing almost every issue imaginable:

    Mission, vision, and values statements
    Assessment and feasibility studies
    Long term preservation
    Master, landscape, and business planning
    Garden standards and design
    Visitor experience
    Finance, development, and fund raising
    Organizational development
    Board development
    Relationship development and management
    Messaging/communications/promotion/public relations
    Website and social media presence
    Documenting the garden
    HR staffing and support
    Easement monitoring
    Professional development

Sometimes our help comes in the form of one or two conference calls. Other times our involvement is far more extensive. The staff and resources dedicated to the job – on behalf of both partners – depends on what is needed.

Our Partner Gardens
We partner with gardens across the country, in varied settings. The broad range of garden types is equal to the wide range of challenges they face. Below are profiles of current and recent partners, which illustrate the many ways we help gardens live on to inspire future generations.

Chase Garden
Orting, WA

Elizabeth Lawrence Garden
Charlotte, NC

Gaiety Hollow
Salem, OR

Gardens of Alcatraz
San Francisco, CA

Greenwood Gardens
Short Hills, NJ

Hollister House Garden
Washington, CT

Hortulus Farm Garden & Nursery
Wrightstown, PA

LongHouse Reserve
East Hampton, NY

Longue Vue House & Gardens
New Orleans, LA

Hillsborough, NC

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden
Bishopville, SC

Peckerwood Garden
Hempstead, TX

Rocky Hills
Mount Kisco, NY

Ruth Bancroft Garden
Walnut Creek, CA

Austerlitz, NY

The Fells
Newbury, NH

Van Vleck House & Gardens
Montclair, NJ

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens
Crestwood, KY

For a more comprehensive list of our preservation partners and affiliates over the years, click here.

Click here for Recent Preservation News

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Peckerwood Garden Tree Documentation Project

High-tech project takes the measure of the oaks

Frick collection russell page garden carlo balistrieri photo img 7833web480x433
Living work of art

The Frick Collection's Russell Page garden in New York City will be spared!

Hcjg mailing4 web310x197
Hannah Carter Japanese Garden

New agreement protects the immediate future of garden and opens the possibility of long-term preservation.

Ruthbancroft photo bradrovanpera late1980sweb310x196
Then & Now

Ruth Bancroft was a pioneer in dry gardening. Today dry gardening is more important than ever in California -- just one example of change over time and the importance of preservation.