Get Involved

Almost every aspect of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program is the result of the hard work of volunteers. From recruiting or nominating gardens for the program to sharing their own, volunteers are the essence of Open Days.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are many ways you can contribute your time and support.

Organize an Open Day

Our Regional Ambassadors recruit nearly all of the gardens that participate in the program each year. They design their Open Days to introduce the public to examples of the best private gardens in America.

To learn more about bringing the Open Days program to your area, click here. You can also e-mail or call us at 1.845.424.6502 for more information.

Share your garden

Each year hundreds of exceptional gardens are selected to participate in Open Days. To nominate your garden or another garden you know to be a part of the program, download a Garden Nomination Form, e-mail us or call 1.845.424.6502 to request that a nomination form be sent to you.

Garden Hosts enjoy interacting with visitors of different gardening experiences and often remark on the exchange of ideas that the program fosters.                                            

Greet Guests

There are opportunities for volunteers to spend a day greeting visitors during Open Days. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, e-mail us, or call 1.845.424.6502.

We also partner with some terrific public gardens and nonprofit organizations around the country, garden businesses, and professionals in the gardening and design community.

Read more about these opportunities:

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