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Welcome to the Open Days Program - Tours of America's best private gardens

Our 2018 season is in full swing, and it includes many great opportunities to tour amazing gardens, buy the best plants, and enjoy special programming through our Digging Deeper events, which include garden experts as well as programs multigenerational Open Days visitors can enjoy together.

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Check out our Open Days Schedule page, the complete listing of dates and events.

Through Open Days, the Garden Conservancy is working to fuel the public’s passion for gardens and gardening.  Since 1995, Open Days has welcomed more than one million visitors into thousands of inspired private landscapes—from urban rooftops to organic farms, historic estates to innovative suburban lots—in forty-one states. This incredible annual program is produced almost entirely by volunteers…hundreds of individuals who help us showcase regional horticultural and stylistic expressions in a national context—celebrating the rich diversity in American gardens.

Education has always been a theme of Open Days since it began. In 2015 we added “Digging Deeper” programs to create opportunities for meaningful dialogue on a wide range of garden topics. In these programs, small groups of visitors come together with experts (amateur and professional) from every facet of the garden world including landscape architects, garden writers, plant collectors, and artists. We hosted almost forty such events in 2016 and nearly all of them sold out! In 2017, we continued these popular programs and began to include programs that gardeners of all ages can enjoy together.

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Join Us

Open Days is 99% Volunteer Driven!

We have a small staff in New York and we work hard to create the best garden-visiting program in America, but we can't do it alone. We have hundreds of volunteers around the country who make it possible. We hope you will consider joining them.

  • Become a Regional Representative—Our “Reps” work directly with us to nominate and select gardens, schedule events, promote Open Days locally, and interact with gardeners and visitors in their area.
  • Share Your Garden—Open Days gardens include everything from the inspirational work of weekend hobbyists and passionate beginners to professional designers. Enjoy the energy of interacting with fellow garden lovers who will be inspired by your garden.
  • Greet Visitors—Share your knowledge of the local area and spend time meeting new garden lovers. Work individually or volunteer with a friend for an enjoyable day in the garden that requires no pre-planning or garden work.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Garden Conservancy Open Days, click here.

Of course, you can always call or email us to talk about gardens in your area. Here is that information: toll-free information line 1.888.842.2442. At the moment we only answer this line Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., EST. We respond to emails after hours at:

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