Litchfield County, CT and Dutchess County, NY Open Day

Sun, Jun 23, 2024

To register, please click on the garden name or photo below.

Wethersfield Estate and Garden is also hosting a Digging Deeper on this date: The History of Wethersfield Estate & Garden and How Its Responding to Beech Tree Blights

  • Wethersfield Estate & Garden
    Wethersfield Estate & Garden
    • Amenia, Dutchess, NY, 12501

    Complement your Open Day with a visit to this nearby public garden.

  • Dappled Berms - The Garden of Scott VanderHamm
    Dappled Berms - The Garden of Scott VanderHamm
    • Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY, 12603

    The garden is situated on a one-acre property within a 1950s (IBM-era) suburban community. As a result of the mature trees that dominate the grounds...

  • Shekomeko Hillside Garden
    Shekomeko Hillside Garden
    • Millerton, Dutchess County, NY, 12546-4451

    Situated high in the hills overlooking Dutchess County's Shekomeko Valley, this garden has been lovingly curated by Eileen Naughton for the past 25 years.

  • Garden of Helen Bodian
    Garden of Helen Bodian
    • Millerton, Columbia, NY, 12546

    Over the years, this garden has developed into a landscape for strolling and leisurely observation, having accumulated a series of paths and trails that lead to and around various features.

  • Michael's West Cornwall Garden
    Michael's West Cornwall Garden
    • West Cornwall, Litchfield, CT, 06796

    This intimate Old World-style garden is replete with cobbled paths, terraced gardens, raised perennial beds, and reflecting pools.

  • Garden of Jane Garmey
    Garden of Jane Garmey
    • West Cornwall, Litchfield County, CT, 06796

    An idiosyncratic garden designed by and belonging to garden writer Jane Garmey, whose most recent book is City Green: The Public Gardens of New York…

  • The Sumacs
    The Sumacs
    • Washington, Litchfield County, CT, 06793

    Set on nine sprawling acres, The Sumacs features a stately home designed by Ehrick Rossiter and built in 1894.

  • Brush Hill
    Brush Hill
    • Washington, Litchfield County, CT, 06793

    Take a virtual tour of Brush Hill Gardens at for a preview of many different areas, including the Moon Garden planted in yellows and purples, the Rose Walk, the Peony and Wheelbarrow borders, the Serpentine Garden with its garden folly, and up through the Arch into the Woodland Walk with its series of cascading pools and rills.

  • Garden of Lee Link
    Garden of Lee Link
    • Sharon, Litchfield County, CT, 06069

    Three stone walls climb up a hillside, at the top of which is a greenhouse containing a wide spectrum of succulents and tropical plants…

  • The Shillingford Garden
    The Shillingford Garden
    • Salisbury, Litchfield County, CT, 06068

    This garden was started from a completely blank canvas in 2013 by its owners, two English transplants who found themselves living in the NW corner "if not quite by mistake, then never by design."

  • Garden of Bunny Williams
    Garden of Bunny Williams
    • Falls Village, Litchfield County, CT, 06031

    Interior designer and garden book author Bunny Williams's intensively planted fifteen-acre estate has a sunken garden with twin perennial borders surrounding a fishpond, a seasonally changing parterre garden, and more.

  • Garden of Debby and Bart Jones
    Garden of Debby and Bart Jones
    • Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield, CT, 06754

    Together they created gentle meandering paths out of flat stones collected from the adjoining field and circled them around the unsightly stumps, camouflaging them as well as they could with climbing roses, lilacs, magnolias, and fragrant English cottage garden perennials...