Garden of Lee Link

Sharon, CT
Water feature

Three stone walls climb up a hillside, at the top of which is a greenhouse containing a wide spectrum of succulents and tropical plants. Within the last few years, the former perennial border was replaced with a new hardscape and three kousa, or Korean dogwoods set off by a hardscape of gravel and cobble stones. A perennial border is now behind the greenhouse consolidating all the hard work. A woodland garden edges the ridgeline. Throughout there are a lot of potted plants from the greenhouse in the courtyards. One level has a fishpond, which reflects a winter conservatory attached to the house.

This garden's estimated size is 2 acres of garden in a 15-acre property.

Open Days 2024:  Sunday, June 23
Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • This garden allows photography
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Garden of Lee Link
Sharon, Litchfield County, CT, 06069
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