Garden Professionals: Join the Open Days Community

Garden Professionals clearly share Open Days’ love of and interest in gardens, and we invite you to get involved. Through our program, we are working to fuel the public’s passion for gardens and gardening. As a professional in the gardening community, we know that is a mission you can support.

Education has always been a theme of Open Days, and in 2015 we added “Digging Deeper” and “Experts in the Garden” programs to provide places for meaningful dialogue on a wide range of garden topics. In these programs, small groups of visitors come together with experts from every facet of the garden world including landscape designers, garden writers, artists, organic farmers, and more. We’ve hosted almost forty such events in 2016 and sold out nearly all of them!

As a garden professional, there is so much you can contribute to Open Days:

  • Tell us about gardens you have designed or visited that would inspire others  
  • Suggest ideas for a special program like Digging Deeper
  • Organize an Open Day in your area or volunteer in one of the communities where we have Open Days already.

Open Days is also a terrific way to give back to the garden community, meet fellow garden lovers, and have your firm be a part of the Open Days community. Our gardens and their designers, our special programs and the presenters, plus our key volunteers are all featured in our:

  • Full-color Open Days Directory (8,000 copies printed annually)
  • Open Days website (almost 60,000 average unique page views/month)
  • E-mail reminders (sent to our list of more than 80,000 names)  
  • Garden Conservancy Facebook page (over 80,000 likes) and Instagram page (about 5,750 followers)

To find out more call 1.845.424.6502 or email us at