Digging Deeper: Discover the Magic of Greenfire Woods

Digging Deeper: Discover the Magic of Greenfire Woods

Greenfire Woods

Sat, Aug 19, 2023

The 2023 Open Days events in the Milwaukee area are presented in partnership with the Garden Club of Greater Milwaukee 

Greenfire Woods has both wild native areas and the charm of a cottage garden. The owner refers to the wooded areas that run along the Milwaukee River as "God's Garden" because she lets nature rule undisturbed, except for a deer fence that she installed around the entire property to protect the rich variety of the spring ephemerals which she loves.

The woods have maple, oak, and beech trees-some more than 100 years old-in an area that has never been developed or farmed. There is also a native meadow, and other wooded areas. On the other hand, the property is graced by many features built by artisans out of wood including a chicken coop with a sod roof, an arbor, rustic furniture, and fences and supports for the vegetable garden and other climbers.Sprinkled throughout the property (including in the vegetable garden) are tall and graceful self-seeding annuals like Nicotiana sylvestris (flowering tobacco), Verbena bonariensis (tall verbena), and Persicaria orientalis (kiss-me-over-the garden-gate). In the evening, as the sun goes down and filters through the green of the woods, it becomes evident why the garden is called Greenfire Woods.

Join the Garden Club of Greater Milwaukee as we share the treasures of Greenfire Woods, explore biodynamic methods to grow the healthiest and tastiest food, and share the wisdom of a lifetime in the garden.

Greenfire Woods
River Hills, WI

Dates and Times:
Saturday, August 19
Two sessions: 10-12 & 2-4

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