Columbia County, NY Open Day

Columbia County, NY Open Day

Sat, Jun 15, 2024

To register, please click on the garden name or photo below.

  • The Olana Partnership
    The Olana Partnership

    Complement your Open Day with a visit to this nearby Garden Conservancy Preservation Partner and public garden...

  • Arcadia - Ronald Wagner & Timothy Van Dam
    Arcadia - Ronald Wagner & Timothy Van Dam

    Our 1840 Greek Revival-style farmhouse is set in a pastoral landscape of 28 acres…

  • Versailles on Hudson
    Versailles on Hudson

    We wanted to create a garden that looked as if it had been planted when the house was built, in 1901.

  • Flying Pig Acres
    Flying Pig Acres

    As you enter through the front gate, you'll see a formal garden with golden privet hedges and stone walls and will pass the kitchen garden with its herbs and seating where we enjoy the morning sun...

  • Peter Bevacqua & Stephen King
    Peter Bevacqua & Stephen King

    This 2½-acre garden feels much larger because of its division into many garden spaces—spaces designed with a careful eye to structure, form, and texture.

  • Ketay Garden
    Ketay Garden

    An allÈe of large maples and oak, bordered by meadows on either side, forms the entrance to the gardens which surround the house.