Berkshire County, MA Open Day

Berkshire County, MA Open Day

Sat, Jul 15, 2023

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  • Wit Mckay
    Wit Mckay

    This is a garden with one foot in the wild. Surrounded by forest which is preserved in conservation and framed by an undeveloped meadow to the east and a clear rock brook to the south, it sits on the shoulder of the Taconic ridge to the west, with distant views of the Green Mountains.

  • The Barn
    The Barn

    This is a hilly property gradually lowering to a pond with stone staircases on two sides.

  • Ilona's Garden
    Ilona's Garden

    This romantic garden, surrounding an old carriage barn, is divided into rooms to resemble the English gardens loved by the owner/gardener/garden writer/English professor.

  • 328North

    328North is a half-acre farm specializing in Asiatic vegetables, fruit, and specialty cut flowers...