Gardens of Ellen & Bruce Clement

Westmoreland, NH
Alpine/rock garden, Fruit/vegetables, Garden structure/sculpture, Meadow, Organic/toxin-free, Rare plants/plant collection, Scenic view, Water feature, Woodland/shade garden

Although we always had a large vegetable garden and Ellen made some lovely small flower gardens, it wasn't until 2004 that we started to seriously turn our attention to developing a variety of gardens. They now include, in addition to our vegetable garden, a cottage garden, a conifer garden, a shade/hosta garden, a terraced rock garden, a tea house in a woodland area that overlooks a stream and small pond, an arbor with a water fountain, and quite a bit more.
This is our 2nd year hosting an Open Day. We had some wonderful comments last year including the following: "This garden could actually charge admission on a daily basis as it is an engaging and enthralling work of landscape art. Around almost every turn of the pebbled paths lies a visual feast that tugs at the heart and nourishes the soul. This hidden gem rivals botanical gardens in its richness, creativity, plant choice, and most of all, intimacy. Perhaps unrivaled as an amazing testimony of what two people who love nature can accomplish. Not to be missed as an Open Days destination."
We were humbled by such high praise. We invite you to come visit, spend some time strolling through our gardens, and see if you feel the same.

This garden's estimated size is 2 acres.

Accessibility notes from the host: Please be aware that this garden features slopes, steps, and gravel walkways that are uneven and can be difficult for some visitors to navigate.

Please note: This garden joined the Open Days season after the publication of the 2023 Open Days Directory.

Open Days 2024:  Sunday, June 30
Hours: 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

  • This garden allows photography
  • Nature friendly f372a65207813459a0d18d2caa5c1eece145dbb205535bacd45d09e443889605Nature-friendly

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Gardens of Ellen & Bruce Clement
Westmoreland, Cheshire County, NH, 03467

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