In My Garden: A Visual Diary 2021

Throughout 2020, we shared stories and behind-the-scenes glimpses into some of the fabulous gardens in our Open Days and Preservation communities through a weekly email series, In My Garden: A Virtual Diary. The series was designed to keep us all connected through a period during which in-person garden visiting was not possible. As we returned to in-person garden visiting, we were thrilled to also bring back In My Garden in 2021! 

Click on the names below to read each person's In My Garden visual diary to see what's happening in their gardens. Over time, these behind-the-scene snapshots also chronicle the progress on garden projects, as well as the unfolding of the seasons in different parts of the country.

Jeanne Farewell

Open Days Host, Rumford Hall
Brewster, NY

James Golden

Open Days Host, Federal Twist
Stockton, NJ

Justin Henderson

Preservation Partner, PowellsWood Garden
Federal Way, WA

Holly Keris

Preservation Partner and Open Days Garden: Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
Jacksonville, FL

Debra and Steven Koenig

Open Days Hosts and Milwaukee Open Days Regional Ambassadors
River Hills, WI

Elizabeth Locke

Gardener, Jewelry Designer, and Garden Conservancy Board Member
Millwood, VA

Keeyla Meadows

Open Days Host
Albany, CA

In My Garden: A Visual Diary, a regular series of emails for Garden Conservancy members, began in the spring of 2020 as the world faced the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing. It features behind-the-scenes snapshots of a diverse group of gardeners across America.

We love the photos our readers have been sharing with us! 
Click here to see a few of them.

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View behind-the-scenes activities in several gardens across the country through In My Garden: A Visual Diary from 2020. To get the latest weekly installments by email, become a member