In My Garden: A Visual Diary

Morning glories in Andrea Filippone and T Fleisher's Jardin de Buis in Pottesville, NJ

In My Garden: A Visual Diary is a weekly series of emails for Garden Conservancy members, began in the spring of 2020 as the world faced the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing. It is a visual diary featuring a diverse group of gardeners across America. Become a member to be among the first to receive future weekly installments!
While garden visiting in person is restricted during the pandemic, In My Garden offers an opportunity to explore some of the “behind the scenes” and “in process” stories of gardens, stories that are not always on display during an Open Day or a visit to a preservation garden. A garden at its peak can be glorious, but the preparation that happens leading up to that day and the challenges we all face in our own gardens can be equally interesting and inspiring.

Clove Brook Farm, home of Christopher Spitzmiller and Anthony Bellomo in Millbrook, NY

We selected gardeners from across the country to be featured in weekly emails to our members, each giving a brief insight into their gardening activities. They represent a variety of regions, types of gardens, and a range of experiences and points of view, and include amateurs, professionals, and a historic preservation project. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know them (and their gardens!) as the season progresses.

Residence in Pasadena, CA, designed by Nord Eriksson

The handful of gardeners and gardens whose projects and ideas we are sharing with our members every Tuesday are listed below. 

Click below to read the weekly In My Garden snapshots—visual diaries—which are brief glimpses into the happenings in each of these gardens, activities that often take place unseen. Over time, they also create a chronicle of growth and progress as the season progresses.

Cheryl Brickman, Mequon, WI
Open Days Garden: Dragonfly Farm
Click here to read Cheryl's In My Garden visual diary.

Nord Eriksson, Pasadena, CA
Digging Deeper Host and Open Days Garden Designer
Click here to read Nord's In My Garden visual diary.

Andrea Filippone and T Fleisher, Pottersville, NJ
Open Days Garden: Jardin de Buis
Click here to read Andrea and T's In My Garden visual diary.

Vicki Johnson, Short Hills, NJ
Preservation Partner: Greenwood Gardens
Click here to read Vicki's In My Garden visual diary. 

Christopher Spitzmiller and Anthony Bellomo, Millbrook, NY
Open Days Garden: Clove Brook Farm
Click here to read Christopher's In My Garden visual diary.

James Pettigrew and Sean Stout, San Francisco, CA
Open Days Garden: Organic Mechanics
Click here to read James and Sean's In My Garden visual diary

Shobha Vanchiswar, Chappaqua, NY
Open Days Garden and Digging Deeper Host

Click here to read Shobha's In My Garden visual diary.

Michael Gordon, Peterborough, NH
Open Days Garden and Monadnock Region Ambassador

Click here to read Michael's In My Garden visual diary.

Spitzmiller img 6101 web
Christopher Spitzmiller
Cheryl brickman portrait 4 9 20 web310w
Cheryl Brickman
Ed3a9580nord's fav web
Nord Eriksson
Vicki head shot2 web
Vicki Johnson, Greenwood Gardens
Andrea filippone & t fleischer web
Andrea Filippone and "T" Fleisher
Organic mechanics portrait web310w
Sean Stout and James Pettigrew
Shobha dsc 1585 cropped christine ashburn photography web450hwwhitemarginsleft&bottom
Shobha Vanchiswar
Michael gordon web600w
Michael Gordon