In Focus: A Roundup of Recent Society of Fellows Profiles

Recent profiles and interviews with members of our Society of Fellows, published in our Fellows e-newsletter's Fellows Focus series. Click here for more information about the Society of Fellows, including benefits and how to become a member.

Christabel Vartanian, May 2022

Betty Montgomery, February 2022

Ellen Bowman, December 2021

Frederick A. Landman, September 2021

Dana Scott Westring, July 2021

Marian McEvoy, May 2021

Beatrice V. Bowles, April 2021

Ronald Lee Fleming, February 2021

Camille Butrus
, December 2020

Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr., September 2020

Page Lee Hufty, July 2020

Courtnay Daniels, May 2020

Celia Hegyi, February 2020

Alease Fisher, December 2019

Maureen Ruettgers, September 2019

Suzanne Tucker, July 2019

Elizabeth Locke, February 2019

Barbara Paul Robinson, December 2018

Lucy and Nat Day, September 2018

Jorge Sánchez, July 2018

Douglas Wright, May 2018

Louise Wrinkle, February 2018

Raun Thorp and Brian Tichenor, December 2017

Douglas Hoerr, September 2017

Robert M. Balentine, May 2017

Jeanne Anderson, February 2017

Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer
, December 2016

Carolyn Mehran and Vicki Edwards
, The Blissful Gardeners, September 2016

John Troy, ASLA, June 2016

Gil Schafer III, AIA, April 2016

Daisy Helman, Garden Collage, February 2016