What are the criteria for becoming a Garden Conservancy partner garden?

We actively seek new garden collaborations and welcome interested parties to contact us.

Key criteria for collaboration with the Garden Conservancy preservation program include the following:
- Design significance of the garden
- Horticultural interest
- Historical value
- Cultural significance
- Community benefit

Gardens are also selected based on their viability as public gardens in the following aspects:
- Ownership
- Community receptiveness
- Scale and access
- Management
- Maintenance

How do I contact the Garden Conservancy for help?

Before inquiring about Garden Conservancy assistance, please consider the following questions relating to the garden’s potential for preservation and viability as a public garden.
- Does the owner desire that the garden become public?
- Does the owner desire assistance in saving and opening the garden?
- Does the owner want to work with the Garden Conservancy?
- What type of assistance is requested?
- What are the project/site goals as they relate to the requested assistance?
- Is the community aware of the garden and is there a commitment to preserving it as a public garden?
- What makes the garden exceptional? Is it the quality of the design? Is the plant collection unique? Is it the last remaining of its type or style in the region? Is it the garden of a notable person in regional or national history or in horticulture or design?

If the answer to any of the above is "no," what does make the garden exceptional?
- Is the garden under imminent threat? If so, what is that threat and what are the options?
- Is there local funding for preservation? Is there the possibility of an endowment for long-term maintenance of the garden?
- What are the physical factors impacting visitation, e.g., location, zoning regulations, regional tourism, capacity of the garden, parking, public transportation, etc.?

When you have considered the above questions and would like to discuss the possibility of working with the Garden Conservancy, please send us an email at preservation@gardenconservancy.org.

We review new applications for preservation gardens on a regular cycle, twice a year, in June and January.