Thompson's Corner

Westerly, RI

This garden has evolved over the last twenty years. It contains more than 25 species of trees, including a London Plain tree which was planted to commemorate Westerly's Tercentenary in 1969. There is a grove of paw paw trees started from seed and a ginkgo tree which is a descendent of a tree in Westerly's Wilcox Park, an arboretum. Although less than three-quarters of an acre in a village setting, there are two water features, a summer kitchen, a small boat barn, and an outhouse which is now the world's smallest "she shed" on the grounds of this antique farmhouse. The emphasis has been on using natives to create a naturalistic settling.

Open Days 2023: Saturday, June 10
Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Thompson's Corner
Westerly, Washington County, RI, 02891

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