Hawks Off the Palisades

Demarest, NJ
Alpine/rock garden, Dry/xeriscape, Garden structure/sculpture, Water feature, Woodland/shade garden

Sculpted hornbeams and river birches hug, and large 'Green Giant' arborvitae and Skip laurels pronounce the front of this gated custom Mediterranean and French home. My side yard is the largest mass of the property, which houses large 'Limelight' hydrangea trees, a smoke tree, and large decorative pine. A quiet reflective shade garden on the opposite side houses an heirloom Japanese maple. Custom natural steps bring you to a large relaxing and private back pool and patio with many trees, roses, and garden features. On the property are massive 100-plus-year-old trees which often house hawks and other raptors. A special viewing section has been added to capture their flight. At the front of the home are flower pollinator gardens and many rhododendrons, azaleas, weigelas, spirea, and various evergreen varietals. My garden gives year-round interest in as natural a setting as possible. I insist on artistic use of textures in the plants chosen and blend juxtapositions within the design. We adore our trees and the birds that inhabit them. We have a deer issue which I will discuss with anyone who inquires. This has been a huge challenge with regard to keeping the site beautiful.

This garden's estimated size is 1 acre.

Open Days 2024:  Saturday, May 18
Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • This garden allows photography
  • Partial wheelchair access
  • Nature friendly f372a65207813459a0d18d2caa5c1eece145dbb205535bacd45d09e443889605Nature-friendly

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Hawks Off the Palisades
Demarest, Bergen County, NJ, 07627

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