Guidelines for Visiting

Open Days are special invitations to visit private gardens. Please reward the generosity of our Garden Hosts by following these simple guidelines:

Check in—On arrival, please be sure to check in with the Garden Host or Greeter, designated by their green and yellow buttons. If your ticket says Please Present Ticket for Admission, please print or have it ready to show on your mobile device.

Restrooms—As private residences, restrooms are not available at Open Days gardens. Keep this in mind before you arrive and if needed, ask at the admissions table for the nearest public facility.

Hands Off—Plants and their parts must remain in the garden. Please, no picking, pinching, proplifting, or removing plant pieces of any kind.

Keep it Clean—Do not litter. If you carry something in, carry it back out. Garden Hosts are not responsible for trash disposal.

Smoke-Free—Smoking and e-cigarettes are prohibited.

Follow Signs—Follow any posted signs and directions. Do not enter Garden Host’s homes or private buildings.

Pets Not Allowed—Pets and therapy animals are not permitted in Open Days gardens.

Children—All ages are very welcome at Open Days, but please supervise children during your visit.

Parking—Park your car in designated areas. Park so others can enter and exit easily.

Photography and Video—Check if photography or video of the garden is permitted by the Host by asking upon arrival. Tripods are not permitted.

Respect Privacy—Please respect Garden Hosts’ privacy and only visit gardens during posted dates and times. Please do not contact Garden Hosts outside of their Open Day.

Give Thanks—Many Garden Hosts will be onsite during their Open Day. Garden Hosts can be identified by their “Garden Host” badge. Please say hello and let them know how much you enjoyed your visit. Or, share words of admiration with Open Days staff at opendays@ and we will share your message with the hosts.

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