Open Days Get Involved

We are always looking to expand the Open Days program and we welcome you to join our community of gardeners and garden enthusiasts.  

Below are ways in which you can become involved in our nationwide Open Days program:

Become a Garden Host

We are always on the lookout for gardens throughout the United States that highlight exceptional design and smart ways to garden. Gardens take many forms—from beautiful estates to small farms combining form and function to tiny backyard jewel-box gardens—all are welcome.

Opening your garden through Open Days is a rewarding experience! (maybe add a quote here for an Open days host?) If you are proud of the work you’ve done in your garden and are ready to share with others, you may be a perfect candidate to serve as a Garden Host.

Become a Regional Ambassador

Are you passionate about the wonders of great gardens and engaged in your regional gardening community? Are you looking to become involved in a fun, rewarding, and worthy project? You might be a perfect fit to be a Regional Ambassador!

Ambassadors help make the Open Days program run—they identify great gardens, support organizing Open Days logistics, help to recruit volunteers, and raise awareness of The Garden Conservancy regionally.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletters (add link) for virtual information sessions for prospective Regional Ambassadors throughout the winter months to learn more about this role. 

Contact or call us at 845.424.6502 to learn more about becoming an Open Days Garden Host or a Reginal Ambassador

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