Garden Conservancy Staff

James Brayton Hall, President and Chief Executive Officer
Pruda Vingoe, Executive Assistant to the President

Pamela Governale, Director of Preservation
Anne R. Welles, Associate Director of Preservation

Public Programs and Education
Brianne Mayerhofer, Open Days Program Operations Director
Kyle Beach, Events Coordinator
Katherine H. Kerin, Special Programs and New Regions Coordinator, Open Days 
Nina Scibelli, Open Days Program Coordinator
Lauren Thompson,  Open Days Program Associate

Lorraine Mahon, Fellows Tours Program Coordinator
Claire Briguglio, Development Associate

Finance & Administration
Donna Mortensen, Vice President, Finance & Administration
Arie Bram, Database Manager
Elaine Zanck, Business Manager
Cara Schaffer, Administrative Coordinator
Rani Long, Administrative Associate

George Shakespear, Director of Communications
Lori Moss, Associate Director of Communications
Stephanie Werskey, Communications Manager