The Garden Conservancy Staff

President's Office
James Brayton Hall, President and Chief Executive Officer
Pruda E. Vingoe, Chief of Staff and Board Liaison

Finance & Administration
Donna Mortensen, Chief Operating Officer
Arie Bram, Database Manager
Jevon Maxwell, Database Assistant
Elaine Zanck, Business Manager
Nadia Morgan, Administrative Assistant
Judy Dalbis, Executive Assistant to the COO

Pamela Governale, Director of Preservation
Camille Sasena, Preservation Associate

Programs & Education
Horatio Joyce, Director of Public Programs & Education
Amy Murray, Open Days Program Manager
Shaoli Gosh, Public Programs & Events Coordinator
Phillip Carruthers, Public Programs and Education Associate

Bridget Connors
, Director of Development
Julie Kirkpatrick, Membership Manager
Nora Aman Gurvich, Director of Fellows Tours
Lorraine Mahon, Fellows Tours Program Coordinator
Susan Kenny, Development and Sponsorships Manager

Cliff Weathers, Director of Communications
Kirill Ginko, Marketing and Content Manager