2018 Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden Calendar

2018 Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden Calendar

The 2018 Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden calendar features twelve views of the garden by Seth Johnson, who first visited the garden over ten years ago. Since that time, he has come to know Pearl, and sees him as the embodiment of his topiary message - one who spreads "Love, Peace, and Goodwill" throughout the world.

The calendar is twelve inches square, in an elegant format similar to that of previous years, printed in full color on high-quality paper, and shrink-wrapped with a cardboard insert to protect it during shipping and handling.

$16 per copy, including shipping and handling. Please allow approximately ten days for delivery.

Proceeds from the sale of this calendar help sustain and maintain the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden and support the Pearl Fryar Scholarship Fund.

Special thanks to the Waffle House for once again sponsoring the production of this calendar so that all proceeds can support the garden and the Scholarship Fund.

Price: $16.00