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In My Garden: A Visual Diary

Click on the names below to read each person's In My Garden visual diary to see what's happening in their gardens. Over time, these behind-the-scene snapshots also chronicle the...

In My Garden: Greenwood Gardens, Short Hills, NJ

Vicki Johnson, Short Hills, NJ
Preservation Partner: Greenwood Gardens
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In My Garden, June 9, 2020 

"Increasing visitation is a central goal of Greenwood Gardens’ 2017-2023 Strategic...

In My Garden: Nord Eriksson, Pasadena, CA

Photo courtesy of EPT Design, Inc.

Nord Eriksson, Pasadena, CA
Digging Deeper Host and Open Days Garden Designer
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In My Garden, June 23, 2020

"As the days grow longer and hotter, we’re close to...

In My Garden: Shobha Vanchiswar, Chappaqua, NY

Wind Song sculpture in Shobha's meadow

Shobha Vanchiswar, Chappaqua, NY
Open Days Garden and Digging Deeper Host
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Shobha’s garden is a small suburban plot, just a quarter of an acre, but it...

In My Garden: Michael Gordon

A view of the garden of Betsy and Michael Gordon. Photo by Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon, Peterborough, NH
Open Days Garden and Monadnock Regional Ambassador
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In My Garden, June 23, 2020


In My Garden: Clove Brook Farm, Millbrook, NY

Christopher Spitzmiller and Anthony Bellomo, Millbrook, NY
Open Days Garden: Clove Brook Farm
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In My Garden, June 9, 2020

"Begun at the end of March, new Kitchen Garden at Clove Brook Farm is...

In My Garden: Jardin de Buis, Pottersville, NJ

Inside the vegetable garden at Jardin de Buis

Andrea Filippone and T Fleisher, Pottersville, NJ
Open Days Garden: Jardin de Buis
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In My Garden, May 5, 2020

"Everything we do on our 26 acres is done...

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In My Garden: Dragonfly Garden, Mequon, WI

Cheryl Brickman, Mequon, WI
Open Days Garden: Dragonfly Farm
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In My Garden, June 16, 2020

In Cheryl's garden this week, peonies, roses, and some stellar June companions are stealing the show. 'William...

In My Garden: Organic Mechanics, San Francisco, CA

James Pettigrew and Sean Stout, San Francisco, CA
Open Days Garden: Organic Mechanics
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In My Garden, May 26, 2020

"This week, we checked in on a project that we designed and...


The landscape and layout of Montrose, in Hillsborough, North Carolina, originates from the mid-19th century. The 61-acre property was purchased in 1977 by Nancy Goodwin and her husband, Craufurd, professor of...

A World In Itself
Kate & Ben Frey’s Garden, Hopland, California
by Kate Frey
Spring 2015

As I write in late spring a sweep of deep blue/purple and raspberry native penstemons laps against a froth of blue catmint. Pale orange...