2016 Place Maker Award

The Foundation for Landscape Studies' Place Maker award honors "a person who has used design imagination and horticultural skill to create a garden or park of exceptional beauty." Congratulations to John Fairey on winning the 2016 Place Maker award! The award was presented at a spring benefit luncheon in New York's Central Park on Wednesday, May 11. Read more in the spring issue of Site/Lines.

Peckerwood Garden, located in Hempstead, Texas, has been a Garden Conservancy partner since 1998. The 39-acre garden is celebrated for its unique collection of rare plants, as well as its artistry. The garden is a landscape in layers, emphasizing both positive and negative spaces. The textures of the garden form a horticultural tapestry.

The Garden Conservancy has worked with Peckerwood Garden since 1998, helping to create the Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation, which now owns the property. In connection with this transfer, in late January 2016, the Garden Conservancy agreed to accept and hold a conservation easement on the garden in order to help ensure that the garden and its more than 1,000 species of rare and endangered plants will be protected in perpetuity.

Portrait of John Fairey by Marion Brenner