Peckerwood Garden Nursery Opens

Peckerwood Garden has announced the opening of their nursery, which will be welcome news to plant collectors and all gardeners looking for plants that have the Peckerwood Garden “seal of approval” for hardiness and sustainability. The nursery will be a resource for hard-to-find specimens for the regional community and beyond.

The Peckerwood nursery is located on the grounds and greenhouses of the legendary Yucca Do Nursery, which was originally established in 1986 by John Fairey and Carl Schoenfeld, and purchased in 2009 by the Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation. Plants native to Texas, the southeast, Asia, and Mexico—many of which were propagated from plants grown at Peckerwood Garden—will be offered for sale.  Several interesting and resilient varieties of oak, as well as the Peckerwood “plant of the month,” Yucca desmetiana, will be for sale. Other plants currently available for purchase include:

Mahonia pallida
Senecio aschenbornianus
Trillium ludovicianum
Agave sp. miquihuana 'Silver'

As production at the nursery continues  over the coming months, there are plans to offer exciting new introductions to horticulture. The Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation views the nursery as another way to inspire both gardeners and non-gardeners to appreciate flora that is native to the region or well-suited to the climate and to further their understanding of how it can be incorporated into good design.

Plants can be purchased at the garden during Peckerwood Garden open days and other visiting opportunities, or by appointment, Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Plants will also be available for sale on the Garden Conservancy Houston Open Day at Itchy Acres on April 28.

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