Conservation Easement Protects Peckerwood Garden's Future

Two critical steps have been taken towards the preservation of Peckerwood Garden, John Fairey’s horticultural marvel located in Hempstead, Texas. First, in late January 2016, Mr. Fairey transferred ownership of the garden to the Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation, which for years has maintained and managed the gardens on his behalf for public enjoyment as well as horticultural research and education programs. In connection with this transfer, the Garden Conservancy agreed to accept and hold a conservation easement on the garden in order to help ensure that the garden and its more than 3,000 species of rare and endangered plants will be protected in perpetuity.

In addition, last month Peckerwood welcomed a new horticulture director, Adam Black, who specializes in rare, endangered, and unusual plants. Adam came to Peckerwood from the University of Florida’s Forest Pathology and Forest Entomology Laboratories and is a perfect addition to Peckerwood's research team that has been conducting important experimentation and trials of plants for nearly twenty years.

Peckerwood, which is open to the public frequently throughout the year, has been a part of the Garden Conservancy’s preservation program since 1998, and has been part of several of our Open Days and Fellows Tours over the years.

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Photo by Bethany Jordan