Nature Inspires Design at Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center


Manitoga Artist Resident Peter Bynum's Ecstatic Light Installation

New York based painter Peter Bynum, Manitoga's 2016 Artist Resident, marks the first presentation of works by a contemporary artist within the interior of Russel Wright's House and Studio.

Bynum, who says he was drawn to Manitoga by Wright's desire to create a profound intimacy with the natural world, has created Ecstatic Light, his installation of twelve illuminated paintings on glass.

"At Manitoga we experience a visionary designer's innovative use of light, glass, and organic forms to deepen our connection with nature," says Bynum. "What a magical place to present paintings that explore how light and transparency can expand the territory available to painting, and show paint's organic ability to express the interconnectedness of all life."

The Artist Residency program was initiated in 2014 to foster creative responses to Manitoga that invoke Russel Wright's legacy of creative experimentation and celebration of place. In 2015, the program featured artist Stephen Talasnik's large-scale aquatic architecture installation Sanctuary.

Ecstatic Light will be on view through November 14, 2016, and may be experienced on Manitoga's 90-minute interpretive House, Studio & Landscape Tours.
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