Greenwood Gardens is Abuzz with Two New Beehive Colonies


Greenwood Gardens, a Garden Conservancy preservation partner, has teamed up with Overlook Medical Center in Springfield, NJ, to welcome two beehive colonies to the gardens this spring. Greenwood founder and resident naturalist Peter P. Blanchard lll says that it adds a new level of enjoyment and engagement to "have the bees working with the flowering plants that our head of horticulture, Sonia Uyterhoeven, is nurturing."

"It's the beginning of a great relationship," notes Michael Atanasio, Overlook's director of Food and Nutrition. "We find it a perfect fit: Greenwood is all about sustainability and we are eager to do our part, given the plight of honey bees."

Overlook Medical Center has contracted with Bee Bold Apiaries to maintain and support the beehives they sponsor. "We really appreciate Greenwood Gardens hosting us," says co-founder of Bee Bold Apiaries, Eric Hanan, who gave a brief demonstration at the April 20 ribbon-cutting ceremony. "Greenwood is a perfect venue for beehives, especially with the gardens neighboring South Mountain Reservation."

"This is an exciting partnership with Overlook, Eric, and his team," adds Liz Johnson, executive director of Greenwood Gardens. "Overlook participated in our 'Bee Day' last year and we look forward to doing more with them in the future."

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