South Sound Area, WA

South Sound Area, WA

Edgewood Garden, Edgewood

Sun, Jun 16, 2019
10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

GARDEN EXTRA at Old Goat Farm: plants for sale!

Admission to each private garden is $10 per person and children 12 and under are free.

Don't forget to buy discounted admission tickets in advance. They can be used at most Open Days to make garden visiting easier.
Nonmembers get 6 visits for the price of 5 with advanced ticket book purchase.  
Members get 50% off ONLY by purchasing ticket books in advance.

  • Edgewood Garden
    Edgewood Garden

    Edgewood Garden is located within a 32-acre property. The house is flanked to the north by Asian-inspired gardens with Japanese stone lanterns, walls, and carvings…

  • Old Goat Farm
    Old Goat Farm

    Old Goat Farm is a small nursery located in the foothills below Mt. Rainier. The property includes a very small farm with a 100-year-old farm house and...

  • Chase Garden
    Chase Garden

    A naturalistic, 4.5-acre garden was created and lovingly tended by Ione and Emmott Chase...

  • Ernie & Julia Graham Garden
    Ernie & Julia Graham Garden

    Situated on a sloped acre looking out to Mt. Rainier, this peaceful award-winning garden focuses on foliage color, texture, and contrast...

  • Paulsen Garden
    Paulsen Garden

    Located on a ridge above the Orting Valley, the Paulsen Garden encompasses many garden styles while retaining a quintessentially Pacific Northwest feel…

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