Pasadena and Environs, CA Open Day

Pasadena and Environs, CA Open Day

The Garden on Coniston Place, San Marino

Sun, Apr 22, 2018
10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Start your tour at the La Casita del Arroyo Garden on Sunday, April 22 between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., where discounted tickets and maps to all of the Pasadena area gardens will be available. Admission to La Casita del Arroyo Garden is free.

Admission to each garden is $7 for members and nonmembers without tickets purchased in advance.

**Please note ordering tickets on our website may take 7-10 business day to arrive to you, please purchase discounted ticket booklets at the La Casita del Arroyo Garden for this Open Day as we can no longer gurantee tickets sent by mail will arrive to you on time. 


  • Eriksson Garden
    Eriksson Garden

    Part laboratory, part sanctuary, the gardens surrounding landscape architect Nord Eriksson's Pasadena home bring together a lifetime of influences...

  • The Erskine Garden
    The Erskine Garden

    Fifty-seven years ago, in 1961, owner Georgiana and husband Paul Erskine bought their Colonial-style home built in 1937 by Morris Miller, a noted Pasadena plantsman...

  • Penner Garden
    Penner Garden

    In 1963, Smith & Williams designed this single-story mid-century home on the banks of the Arroyo River. Sited to best take advantage of the views, the post-and-beam residence provides walls of glass and a seamless transition to the outdoors and vistas beyond...

  • Sill Garden
    Sill Garden

    Located in the Madison Heights section of Pasadena, this home displays an interesting combination of elements drawn from the Craftsman and Prairie styles...

  • The Garden on Coniston Place
    The Garden on Coniston Place

    When this house with its three tall towers was designed in 1927, I think the towers were meant to reflect the San Marino city logo, which shows the ancient city walls and towers of the Republic of San Marino, on the Italian peninsula. My home is commonly called "the Coniston Castle."

  • Hermosa Hillside Garden
    Hermosa Hillside Garden

    Hermosa Hillside Garden is on corner of Hillside Road and Hermosa Street. The residence is known as the C.F. Paxton House, after the rancher who commissioned it in 1919, and his wife, Renelje Schenck, created the original landscape...

  • La Casita del Arroyo Garden
    La Casita del Arroyo Garden

    Lead Garden for the Pasadena Open Day, where maps and discounted admission tickets will be available, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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