Mendocino County, CA Open Day

Mendocino County, CA Open Day

Sat, Jan 26, 2019
10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Situated among the magnificent redwoods of Northern California, this scenic coastal property imparts that wonderful sense of place that can only be created with time and patience. It boasts one of the most extraordinary collections of stone structures, follies, and sculptures anywhere in the world, all melding seamlessly with the forest setting. This beauty is hard working. By carefully removing brush on the forty-five-acre woodland site, lifting the tree canopy, and adding extensive hardscaping, the garden (and house) are less susceptible to damage from fire and erosion. Romantic "ruins" along a historic stagecoach road through the trees suggest a lost station. A full-scale traditional Irish tower rises to provide visitors with a spectacular view of the ocean. The Pyromid merges Gothic arches with angular geometries that, like the floating boulder wall, feel both ancient and modern. Undulating patterned-granite terraces provide a setting for serene contemplation and deep musings.

Garden Extras: Explore new stonework in progress and talk to traditional masons from around the world, members of The Stone Foundation, who will be in the midst of a three-week session to bring stone to life in Peter Mullins' garden. This is the tenth year Peter has hosted this group, so many participants will be able to discuss specific techniques used in other inventive stone creations on site. Consider visiting noteworthy outdoor stone installations nearby at the Gualala Arts Center and the Point Arena Lighthouse, which boasts a recent stone "picket fence."

Directions: From Highway 1 head east on Fish Rock Road for 2.2 miles, main property is on the left, secondary property on the right. Parking available near the house and along the road. Please be respectful of space, traffic, and neighbors.

Open Days 2019: January 26
Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Garden admission is $7 per person and children 12 & under are free. Call 1-888-842-2442 or email with questions.

  • Mullins' Mendocino Stonezone
    Mullins' Mendocino Stonezone

    Situated among the magnificent redwoods of Northern California, this scenic coastal property allows visitors to explore a myriad of whimsical stone structures, garden follies, and sculptural installations...

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