Mendocino County, CA Open Day

Mendocino County, CA Open Day

The Cottage Gardens at The Madrones

Sat, Jun 17 
10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Admission to each garden is $7 for members and nonmembers without tickets purchased in advance.

Buy discounted admission tickets in advance! They never expire and can be used at most Open Days to make garden visiting easier.
Nonmembers get 6 visits for the price of 5 with advanced ticket book purchase.
Members get 50% off ONLY by purchasing ticket books in advance.

Expert in the Garden! with sculptor/painter Rebecca Johnson, 11 a.m. at the Meadow Watch garden in Boonville. More information at the link for Meadow Watch below.



  • Meadow Watch
    Meadow Watch

    When we bought the eighteen-acre rural property, there was no garden. Now we have a house, barn, a one-acre pond, gardens, and two rescue horses and barn cats.

  • The Apple Farm
    The Apple Farm

    The garden at The Apple Farm is a work in progress. We started in 1984 with a rundown farm labor camp and orchard...

  • The Cottage Gardens at The Madrones
    The Cottage Gardens at The Madrones

    This property is two acres of rolling terrain and has the charm of an Italian country estate. On tour, behind masonry walls and wooden gates, are the English-style gardens...

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