Fairfield County, CT Open Day

Fairfield County, CT Open Day

12 Bayberry Lane Garden, Greenwich, CT

Sun, May 21 
10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Admission to each garden is $7. Don't forget to buy discounted admission tickets in advance. They never expire and can be used at most Open Days to make garden visiting easier.

  • 12 Bayberry Lane
    12 Bayberry Lane

    The owner of this three-and-one-half-acre property is a hands-on gardener who designed the garden herself, often using her backhoe to make her ideas a reality.

  • Harmony Farms
    Harmony Farms

    The garden consists of ten areas surrounding the house. A front perennial border is enclosed by a hornbeam hedge with a boxwood and hornbeam parterre at the entrance...

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