Public Gardens: Partner with Open Days


Public gardens and the Open Days program have a shared audience and goal: to fuel the public’s passion for gardens and gardening. Joining with Open Days increases visibility for your organization and aligns you with our passionate national audience in your own region and beyond. We invite you to get involved.

Did you know Open Days is already helping to spread the word about public gardens? Open Days provides information about nearby public gardens with each Open Day schedule, encouraging guests to make them part of their visiting plans, and the annual Open Days Directory includes a 25-page public gardens index. To inquire about being included in future Open Days schedules or to review your garden’s listing in the upcoming Open Days Directory, email

Additional opportunities for public gardens to be involved with Open Days:

  • Organize an Open Day in your area, or help find outstanding private gardens to share
  • Serve as a Lead Garden (starting point) at an existing area Open Day
  • Sell tickets for Open Days and the Open Days Directory in your garden shop
  • Host a Digging Deeper or coordinate a special tour at your own site to complement Open Days
  • Provide volunteers at Open Days gardens, and create awareness with your own public outreach
  • Reach America’s most active and enthusiastic gardeners with multiple advertising options

Partnering with Open Days is a terrific way to grow your audience by connecting with our diverse, nationwide community of garden enthusiasts. Our public garden partners are all featured in our:

  • Full-color Open Days Directory (8,000 copies printed annually)
  • Open Days website (almost 60,000 average unique page views/month)
  • E-mail reminders (sent to our list of more than 80,000 names)  
  • Garden Conservancy Facebook page (over 80,000 likes) and Instagram page (about 5,750 followers)

To find out more call 1.845.424.6502 or email us at