The Garden at Glen Eagles

St. Louis, MO

Please note: The garden on pages 132-133 of the 2023 Open Days Directory is incorrectly identified as The Garden at Glen Eagles.  This image does not reflect this garden.  We apologize for the confusion.

The Garden at Glen Eagles was commissioned by the Watson Blair family in 1974. Decades later, its once elegant bones were vanishing under layers of vegetation; but, as in a fairy tale, the impeccable hardscape remained virtually intact. In 2012 with the serendipitous discovery of Russell Page's original landscape design, the owners were able to begin the restoration process. Page's plan called for a horizontal garden of eight rectangular parterres (they were not originally boxwood edged) separated by bluestone paths. The space is framed on the north and south sides by yew hedges. Page designed the main axis to terminate in a series of steps leading to a reflecting pool enclosed on three sides by an imposing brick wall. At the cross axis now sits an eighteenth-century limestone column (not in Page's design). Page's original plan also had a bluestone path extending to the swimming pool. This path has been modified slightly to accommodate new ornamental gates. Whereas Page relied exclusively on yew to define and frame the parterres, the owners introduced 'Green Gem' boxwood, as well as the cultivar 'Green Mountain' around the pool and 'Vardar Valley' on the upper brick patio. The parterres were initially filled with 'Iceberg' roses, a favorite of the designer, underplanted in summer with euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'. However, the St. Louis climate and light conditions proved inhospitable to the roses. The euphorbia was reliable. The hellebores in the upper parterres, are 'Ivory Prince'; the hydrangeas are 'Blushing Bride' and, on the interior of the brick wall, Schizophragma 'Moonlight'. These introductions were made by the owners, inspired by what they imagined Page might have done. This garden is especially magical during tulip season. Influenced by Russell Page's design sensibility, the owners have created new complementary garden rooms, most notably the circular fountain garden to the north. Here, in the naturalized context of oakleaf hydrangeas, viburnums, and mature azaleas, the formality is somewhat relaxed. 'Little Lime' hydrangeas flank descending stone steps cut into the turf. A small central pool fountain, complemented by lawn and four perennial beds, is the focal point. Boxwood is used on either side of the east-west axis to provide evergreen structure. A ring of white redbuds marks the outer edge of the not quite symmetrical arcs. This garden is also on axis with the tennis court, the parking court, and the holly hedge entrance to the secret garden. The creation of the sunken walled kitchen garden is another homage to Page. Diminutive stone-edged parterres are framed by 'Wee Willy' boxwood with 'Hidcote' lavender in the corners. In the enclosures are ever-changing mixed herbaceous plantings, including cosmos, sweet peas, clematis, delphinium, culinary sage, and rue. A hedge of blueberries defines the outer edge of the garden, flanked on the east side by a hornbeam hedge. We hope you enjoy your visit to a garden and landscape richly enlivened by the legacy of a restored Russell Page garden.

Open Days 2023: Saturday, June 3
Hours: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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The Garden at Glen Eagles
St. Louis, St. Louis County, MO, 63124

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