Barbra’s Botanical Menagerie

Bainbridge Island, WA
Rare plants/plant collection

Barbra has lived here and has been tending and building onto the garden for almost fifteen years, with the constant help of David Lopez. The bones of the garden were originally planted in 1938 by Papa Hayashida, the original homeowner. The garden is a collection of rare and unusual plants including a group of blue-leafed rhododendrons, the smallest micro-mini rose, no longer available, many unusual dwarf rhododendrons, a very large speciman stand of the lovely Trillium kurabiyashi that was planted in the 1930s, and an extensive potted plant display.

There are paths and trails, ponds and fountains, with scent and peace being the main theme and objective. The garden also hosts several fairy gardens throughout. This garden is planted at least seven deep, so as plantings wane, the next plantings appear. This garden gives you the feeling, “I can do this. I could have this garden.” It was built with dreams and delusions of grandeur and a very modest budget to work with, yet offers the hope, peace, fragrance and possibilities of all grand and complicated gardens. The garden extends over a couple of acres, with more area to plant in years to come.

Open Days 2021: Saturday, June 19
Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Members $5 per person; General admission $10. Children 12 and under free. 


  • New 2f41bc3dbc0fde770515d2030fc6561cd80051035879a6f5ef41cbb2a9d59670New garden or feature
  • Partial wheelchair access

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