A Growing Concern

Callicoon Center, NY

Our garden and surrounding landscape were initially created by Lois Burell as early as 1975. It eventually became disused, and when she passed away, it lay abandoned for five years. When it was time to sort it all out, it was like a treasure hunt to see what had survived. We found the thorniest rose bush I have ever encountered, tons of rhubarb, asparagus, lilies, iris, a sweet pea bush, a clematis, and many other sturdy ornamentals. We also inherited a massive compost pile which was a lovely place to tuck everything in while we laid out new raised beds and planted grass pathways. This was all done alongside Adrianne Picciano, The Dirt Diva, whom I would have been lost without! The garden is primarily focused on vegetables, but we have several beds dedicated to herbs and flowers, and we border our vegetables with flowers as well. Daisy, black-eyed Susan, and Johnny jump-ups are left where they appear in the spring. This year, I will be experimenting with vegetables that climb, like Red Malabar spinach and Orange Silverwave melons. I'll also be de-acquisitioning some of the hundreds of orange daylilies I have. Bring a planter!

Open Days 2023: Saturday, August 5
Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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  • Partial wheelchair access
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A Growing Concern
Callicoon Center, Sullivan County, NY, 12724

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