Seed Your Future

Girl Scout troop takes a horticultural tour at a Garden Conservancy Open Days garden

On March 3, 2016, Longwood Gardens and the American Society for Horticultural Science announced the launch of the Seed Your Future initiative, a multi-year effort to combat declining awareness of horticulture among U.S. audiences and promote horticulture as a vital and viable career path for the nation’s youth. More than 150 partner organizations, including leaders in horticultural industries, horticultural associations, public gardens, public agencies, K–12, and higher education have already signed on to the initiative, which aims to preserve the future of this increasingly at-risk field.

“At the intersection of science and art, horticulture is one of those fields whose value to society is not fully appreciated,” said Paul B. Redman, executive director of Longwood Gardens, co-chair of the Seed Your Future initiative, and vice-president of the Garden Conservancy. Read the full release.