West Coast Council

The Garden Conservancy’s West Coast Council was formed to nurture our organization's preservation and education programs on the West Coast. Garden Conservancy board member George W. Rowe was the Council's founding president.

Carolyn Mehran, West Coast Council chair
Elizabeth Everdell and Suzanne Rheinstein, Program Committee co-chairs
Shelley Belling and Vicki Edwards, Event Committee co-chairs
Joseph Marek and Sandra Swanson, Open Days co-chairs
Casey McDevitt and Sarah Sherrill, Development co-chairs
Elizabeth Byers, Preservation chair

Council Members
Beatrice Bowles
Marion Brenner
Andrea Cochran
Jane Freeman
Kaye Heafey
Janell Denler Hobart
Suzanne Kayne
Susie McBaine
Laura Perry
Mary Read
Tom Rohlen
Suzanne Tucker
Trish Turner
Alexis Woods